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My First 40X!
My Next 40X!
My CMP 40X's!

 Drove to Grayson Georgia on June 11th to see Jim Williams. He was nice enough to let me shoot a lot of his Benchrest Rifles. As the sun was setting in the west and I was probably wearing out my welcome - I asked Jim if he would mind screwing a scope on one of the 'New in Box' (1986) 40X's he had laying around.

He said 'Sure, he had been planning to do that for awhile, but never got around to it.' Well I put 10 rounds through it and could not believe my eyes - Asked Jim to please tell me what he thought. He shoot a few groups and said, "That's the best rifle we both shoot today! Well to make a long story short it rode with me to Dublin Georgia to get ready for the RBA / IR50/50 match two days later. It had a clunky 'Position" stock so no way was it going to 'ride the front rest' So I just grabbed hold of it in a death grip and shoot 245 9X !
The Best Target I had ever shot in competition!

After that fun I decided it was time to get serious.  Bedding in a new Lee Six stock was the first step.

Next add a Jewel trigger, tuner and top it of with a BR 36.


Doug   2003