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This Post Could Take A Week Or So But Who Cares..
I Will Throw Out A Couple Things To Things To Ponder But Remember These Are Only My Opinions And Take Them For What They Are Worth.. Fred J Says He Tries To Do To Much Sometimes By Over Compensating And Using To Many Guns.. This Is Always One Of Most Peoples Problems... Keep It Simple! Tim Says That We Must Se The World For Ourselves! This Is Very True But We Can Help The People That Are Seeing It In The Wrong Light And Try To Make Them Aware Of Their Mistakes,, This Will Save Them A lot Of Time, Money, And Headaches... Can We Tell Someone That They Are Doing Something Wrong..? Not Very Often Because They Wont Take It Well And Will Think That You Are A Know It All.... And When It Comes To Rimfire I Have Found That I am Learning Every Day.. Instinct Or Experience! Experience Needs To Come First And Then Instinct Will Really Help... Do Shooters Have Both? No.. There Are Very Few That Has Both! Do You Need Both? Yes And No.. A Good Shooter That Can Read The Wind And Has Good Equipment Will Do Great But Will Not Be Able To Be As Consistent As A Shooter That Has Both.. Instinct Is Hard To Explain But I Will Try To Explain It In A Later Post.. Jerry Graves Comes To Mind As One That Has Great Instinct.. But He Is Still A Redneck.. He .. Had To Get That In Jerry... Bill Sims Mentioned Flags... Very, Very Important Subject.. I Use Six Flags But Ten Would Be Better!! The Smaller Distance Between Flags The Less Chance Of Missing Something... And Missing Something Is Why We Make Bad Shots Most Of The Time.. Other Than A Bad Round That Everyone Has.

Someone Would Say Something About Patience... Phil Where Have You Been? Don't Let Stump Intimidate You.. You Are Absolutely Right On About Not Having The Patience To Shoot A Whole Target Right.. Very Few Shooters Do That Right.. They Give Shots Away By Not Waiting.. I Do This Sometimes Also And It Will Cost Me.. Jerry.. One Time Someone Called Me A Redneck Just Because I Go To Church With Bible In One Hand And Cooler In The Other.. I Still Think They Are Wrong!! Ron G Said Something About Shooting When The Flags Are Mumbling Around.. I Call It Fluff.. This Is A Bad Time To Shoot! you Must Have A Little Push Or No Wind At All. If A Fluff Is All There Is It Can Be Shot But Patience Is More Important Now.. We Often Get Careless In This Condition And Shoot Any How.. Their Aint No Wind How Did My Bullet Get Way Over There.. Must Have Been That Eley Ammo.. Just Kidding...Fred K Mentioned Wind Coming From Different Directions.. This Is Where The Mind Game Comes In. If You Think You Can Only Shoot When The Wind Is Blowing A Certain Way Then You Are In Big Trouble.. I Have Had To Shoot Many Different Conditions On Different Days Over The Years And Let Me Say That On Certain Days The Dominate Wind Wont Be Worth Shooting Even Though It Looks Great!! Man That Condition Was Perfect How Did I Miss.. Let Me Say That I am Sharing Some Stuff That Works For Me But Take Them As They Are.. What I Am Saying Might Be Wrong But I Believe It To Be So... On Certain Days A Head Wind Might Be Great Or A Tailwind Might Be A Tack Driving Condition...let Me Say One More Very Important Thing That I Have Found Out.. On Hard Windy Days There Might Only Be A Twelve Inch Window To Shoot Through.. You Must Learn How To Find That Window And Stay With It.. If You Guess Wrong On These Days You Will Pay Dearly... So Don't Guess!! Learn Where Your Bullet Is Going.... There Is So Much More But Nuff Said Now...where Is GTM? He Is A Old Veteran On This.. Stump Must Either Be On The Road Or Trying To Keep Quiet And Learn Something...
Naaa ,, He's On The Road...