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My First 40X!
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Ok- You asked for IT! I bought a heavy barrel 40X that did not shoot real bad - Average around the 240’s in RBA. However, it was to heavy to make 10.5 class. I lamented at numerous matches that I needed a good 10.5lb rifle to shoot! (Too Much Static from my 10/22).

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As Paul Would say "Now for the rest of the story.."
I decided I needed a new Match Barrel that would make weight. I had talked with Marshall Beam at quite a few matches and he finally said he would do the job for me but it would take a couple of months to get a match quality barrel. So at the S.C. RBA Finals last year and after a few beers on my part and a lot of food on Marshals part we/he came up with an idea!! He would take my 40X , to some God Forsaken Place on the S.C. coast where he lives, and cut off and taper my barrel and try it - while waiting for a new barrel.
After about a month I was finally able to reach Marshall and asked well???? He said he had finally got around to cutting and turning it down that week. That Was the Good News! He also said they had put a few round through and it was not a 250 rifle. Bad News!
I did not get a chance to see Marshall or my 40X for another month. We met at a match and he handed over my 40X and I was flabbergasted. (But Not Mad - This was only an experiment)
Can you imagine what a freshly turned barrel left out in the salt water environment of a "God Forsaken Place" in S.C. would look like??
Not wanting to insult the Guru of 40X Gunsmithing - I said thank you and took it home. I tried 100 / 200 / 300 grit sandpaper trying to get the rust and Marshals fingerprints off the barrel - But to no avail - they were permanent! Then I saw the can of high temp black paint I had just used the week before to paint my boat motor. Taped the action and sprayed the heck out of it and took it to the GA RBA State finals.
Got there a day early and Bob Collins said "lets have a money match". No one noticed that my barrel was black instead of blue - thank God. Shot the first 250 of my life!!
End of story - No way. The next night shot a 248. Net result I won all the money both nights!
End of Story - Naw! Took 3 gun Title for yards! End of Story - No Way! As Marshal said It is not a 250 rifle - But it has never shot below 243 in a Year of competition. I venture to say that there are very few Rifles that can match this - except "Old Blue"

Are You Ready for "The Rest of the Story"?
I have had quite a few shooters, after telling them this story, Beg me for the rest of the can of my Marine Engine High Temp Paint. Is that the "Rest of the Story"?? only time will tell and I do understand that there will be some Money Matches at next weeks GA State RBA Finals - Now Is that the end of   "The Story"

NO WAY - it has only just begun!

Doug   Dec 2003