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I grew up in a family of hunters and fishermen in western Pennsylvania in the 1950’s. Summers were spent roaming the woods surrounding the family hunting camp (1860’s farmhouse). I was introduced to firearms at a very early age always under the watchful eye of my Dad or my Grandfather and probably pulled my first trigger when I was four or five.

146B Ad A couple of days before my 10th birthday my Dad asked if I wanted to take a ride with him to Sears & Roebuck. Of course we would roam around the sporting goods section and boy did my eyes light up when my Dad asked me what I thought about a Mossberg 146B they had on sale. I think you can now guess what was in that long package I opened a few days later.

I did a lot of plunking and big game hunting (groundhogs) over the next five years. I really liked that little gun until I put it on the gun rack at camp with some other custom rifles and stood back and looked real close. All of a sudden that plastic trigger guard with the finger groves did not look all that great and the feed tube that went out to the end of the barrel looked out of place.

ForearmWhen we got home I took it down to the workshop to see what I could do. After studying the tube feed I determined that I could cut that down so it just stuck out of the end of the stock. I never loaded 30 rounds in anyway.  At the same time I got rid of the ugly stamped swivels - I never used a sling either.

My Dad showed up and when he looked at what I was doing he grabbed a piece of mild steel he had laying around and started filling and bending. When I figured out what he was making I took off the plastic trigger guard and tossed it in the trash.

Guard After a lot of wood carving and sanding we had a fitted trigger guard. Since we did not have any bluing junk he mixed together some liquids like his father had taught him and now I had a fine custom Parkerized trigger guard.

Yes, the plastic is gone and it now only holds twelve rounds. The 3/4” tube scope along with the peep sight is gone – they are in a box somewhere and the stock is a little dull from 100’s of coats of raw linseed oil – But it is still a Mossberg 146B that a father bought for his son in the 50’s which makes it very special!

BUT WAIT A MINUTE DOUG - Where is 'The Disaster'??

Sorry Folks I got a little sidetracked -
So as Paul would say "...and now for the rest of the story"!

In 2001 I got my rifles out of storage where they had been sleeping for 20 years. My boy who was 14 at the time asked if there was any chance he could shoot one? I said sure and looked through my collection and found my Mossberg 146B Two hours later we were at the local DNR range shooting at tin cans.

Over the next couple month we visited the range a numerous times where I tried to teach him what I had learned about shooting off a bench while I was growing up. My boy enjoyed shooting that little Mossberg until one day when disaster struck!! A boy his age sitting at the next bench had Ruger K10/22 T. He lost interest in my 146B real quick.

Well it was back to the gun rack to await the day when another little Boy or Girl might ask their father - "Dad can we go shooting?"