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Guard   A few years ago Joe was searching for a project for his Students at the Greater Altoona Career & Technology Center that would teach them some of the skills that a machinist would be required to learn as well as building something that is functional and could be sold as a fund raiser. The 'Cowan Rest' was born and the rest is history.. Joe's class only makes 70 or 80 of these fine windage rest a year but through 'word of mouth' they are pre-sold months in advance.

In 2005 Joe decided to build an accurate rifle to use with one of his rests which gave rise to a 40X that shoots as well as it looks.
Joes 40X
His next project was a Sporter that he literally built from the ground up based on an old 37 action he found.  He did such a nice job that when I saw it I felt it was worthy of a place here!

Here are the Bits and pieces that made up Joe's 37 Sporter

Joe bought the action last spring and completely trued it and totally rebuilt the bolt. The 21 oz stock was made out of a 'Wormy Butternut' blank he got from Jim Peightal The trigger is an original worked down to about 3 oz. Joe made the aluminum trigger guard and scope bases, anodized black. The .22 barrel is a Border, the blank came from Butch Used the original magazine and mag well Then he topped it off with a 6X Leupold with a Premiere dot. The end result is a 7 lbs 6oz. Sporter with magazine and without scope turret covers. Then just for the heck of it he made up an extra Shilen barrel in .17 in case he wants to go varmint hunting.

Joe only shoots informally at a local club but it would only take a match or two to push him over the edge and get him into the competition.